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Vertical timeline not completely responsive


  • Tekesha Geel started the conversation

    Bought the plugin yesterday and created this vertical timeline. Looks great on desktop and tablet. However, when viewed on mobile, some meta/titles overlap to fit in the screen space and some display beyond the right border of the screen (have to scroll over to see the entire box). if it was one OR the other, I could adjust my design to fix it. But BOTH things are happening in the same timeline with no rhyme or reason and I don't know why. I have attached screen captures of both types of problem. Please help!

    Attached files:  Example of card that smushes to fit screen.jpg
      Example of card that extends beyond screen.jpg

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    Nick replied

    Dear Customer!

    Thank you for contacting our tech team!

    Kindly provide us the access to your admin panel in order our developers could look into the issue more closely.

    Beat regards, CrocoBlock team

  •   Tekesha Geel replied privately
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    Nick replied

    Dear Customer, 

    thank you for your query!

    We'll check your request and get back to you with the reply.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
    Crocoblock Team!

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    Nick replied


    Our developers checked your issue and fixed the mobile responsive. 

    Please, check if everything works well now.

    Best regards, CrocoBlock team.

  • Tekesha Geel replied

    Yes, it works perfectly now. Thank you!!